Model Work Plan

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Methodological Guidelines for Preparing an ISTC Project Work Plan
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WP Validator, ver. 1.2 - Technical Reference

This program is based upon Method Guidelines for Preparing an ISTC Project Work Plan, and Model Work Plan. The program is designed to help project participants to check if the newly created Work Plan corresponds to the ISTC rules.

HOW TO PROCEED. Launch the file. After that a file with workplan will be requested, checked and after that processing information will be output to screen. A considerable time (up to 30 seconds or more in case of large hard-drives) may be taken to save results on disk.

If validation was not successful a file with validation results will be stored in the same directory with the checked file. Name of resulted file will remain the same as of checked file with "-validated" added. In the current directory (were the program is stored) it will be also created a file (wp.log) reflecting the order of actions during validation process.

Both English and Russian files may be checked. Necessary variant is recognized automatically according to filename.

Attention: all names of files must be of standard type as it is necessary to store them into the Database. Namely "project number-we.doc" for English versions, "project number-wr.doc" for Russian versions of Work Plans. For instance, 2569-we.doc and 2569-wr.doc accordingly for English and Russian versions of Work Plan for the project 2569, KR-1001.2-we.doc - for English version of Work Plan for the project KR-1001.2.

In case of problems, questions or ideas on program functionality please contact the ISTC Information Technology Group:

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