United States of America

Role and contribution of the United States

The United States Party is a founding member of the International Science and Technology Center and since 1994 has been one of the strongest funding supporters of the Center. This strong support for ISTC is based on the US Party’s international efforts towards nonproliferation that seeks to redirect the research activities of former Soviet weapons scientists so that their expertise is used for non-weapons related R&D projects that address global technological challenges societies face and which are sustainable in the market place. In addition to supporting R&D projects the US Party has also fostered international scientific collaborations and engagements between CIS and Georgian scientists and their international colleagues through the ISTC Partner Program, Travel Grant Programs, Workshop Programs and other ISTC activities that are meant to bring scientists and governments together. The US Party congratulates ISTC on its 20 years of service to the international community’s nonproliferation efforts and looks forward to its continued work in CIS and Georgia.